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Frequently Asked Questions

Can I travel with my device?

Yes, absolutely! The device is very small and easy to travel with. You do not have any cords that you need to plug in or large bulky bags to carry. The device will fit in your back pocket and is simple to use.

Can I use my device in conjunction with my CPAP/BIPAP?

Yes, some providers will have their patients use both their CPAP/BIPAP and dental device. This is called co-therapy. Using the dental device allows the amount of pressure from CPAP/BIPAP to be decreased.

Does the device cause TMJ/TMD?

No, if a patient exhibits signs of TMJ/TMD, it is something that they would have already had prior to getting the sleep apnea device.

Does the device hurt my mouth or teeth?

Patients will always experience an adjustment period as they do with any device, unit, or prescription for a medical concern. Soreness may occur and we are able to make adjustments on the device within our office as needed. Once the device is fitting properly you shouldn’t experience any pain.

How do I get my medical insurance to pay for the device?

In order for your medical insurance to pay for the device you must have proper documentation.

  • -Sleep Study within the last 5 years
  • -Prescription with a valid diagnosis
  • -Clinical notes prior to the sleep study
  • -Clinical notes after the sleep study
  • -CPAP Affidavit
  • -Epworth Sleepiness Scale

Once all of this information is obtained, we are able to send a benefit check to your insurance company and find out what your coverage will be and if you will need a prior authorization.

How does the device work to alleviate my sleep apnea?

The function of the device is to move your lower jaw forward so that it opens up your airway, just as if a patient were to have a CPAP/BIPAP on, blowing air to open their airway.

How much will my device cost?

Each patient’s insurance plan is different. Depending on whether you have a deductible or co-insurance, prices may vary. We do offer patients the device at a private pay fee of $2360, just for the device. Please keep in mind that does not cover your x-rays or office visits.

What are the common names used when talking about sleeping dental devices?

The most common names used when speaking about sleep dental devices are: Sleep Apnea Device (SAD), Mandibular Advancement Device (MAD), Dental Device, Dental Appliance

What happens if I break my device?

If you break your device due to something that was in your control, we can get you a new device, however, you will be responsible for the new device cost. If your device breaks due to a manufacture material issue or a screw becomes lose, then we are able to work with each manufacture to get a new device based upon each companies warranty policy. In some instances, we are able to fix your device and send in a repair code to your insurance.

What if I have dentures, can I still get the device?

We value our patients and want to give them the best medical care and treatment options. Wearing a sleep device with patient’s natural teeth is best. However, if a patient has dentures it depends on the type of denture in which will allow them to wear the device. For patients who would like to discuss further dental options that will enable them to get the sleep device, we are more than happy to provide a Free consultation.

What if I have two insurances?

We will bill to both insurance companies to make sure you get the best possible coverage.

What if my sleep study is out of the 5 year range?

You will need to get an updated sleep study prior to getting your dental device.

What if you are only contracted with my primary insurance?

If we are only contracted with your primary insurance and not your secondary, then we will work with your secondary insurance to get coverage.

What is the process to start to get my device?

First, we do a benefit check with your insurance and go over how much your device will cost you. If you decide to move forward with treatment, we will check to see if you will need a referral or a prior authorization from your insurance. In addition, we will make sure we have all the proper documentation needed from your referring doctor.

Second, if you need a prior authorization we will go ahead and submit for one. The process typically takes about 2 weeks. We will be able to go ahead and schedule your appointment, however, it will be scheduled approximately 3 weeks out. The reason we do this is so we allow enough time to get the prior authorization back before your first appointment. If we obtain your prior authorization earlier, we will be more than happy to move your appointment to an earlier date.

Will my insurance cover a second device?

Most insurances companies will only cover one device each year or every three years. Each insurance company is different.

If you have further questions, please contact us at 480-503-0967.