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Oral Sleep Medicine of Arizona Launches Website

Oral Sleep Medicine of Arizona Launches Website

Oral Sleep Medicine of Arizona Launches Website

Oral Sleep Medicine of Arizona Launches Website

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People suffering from sleep apnea and related disorders have access to available treatment options through the new website of OSMA.

The OSMA team works closely with patients for sleep solutions

Oral Sleep Medicine of Arizona Launch Website.

( — October 23, 2017) Apache Junction, Arizona — The launch of a new website by Oral Sleep Medicine of Arizona gives new hope to people throughout the state suffering from sleep disorders. Users navigating through the website can learn more about treatment for snoring and for other conditions that prevent them from getting the sleep they need.

“As a sleep disorder specialist, I see patients each day whose health is being affected by a lack of sleep caused by sleep apnea,” said Dr. John Bigler of Oral Sleep Medicine of Arizona. “We developed a treatment protocol designed to achieve maximum results from the use of FDA-approved oral appliances.”

Disrupted breathing is a serious health issue in this country. According to the National Heart, Lung, and Blood Institute of the National Institutes of Health, approximately 70 million people report having problems sleeping. Oral Sleep Medicine of Arizona has treatment options for some of the most common causes of interrupted sleep including sleep apnea and snoring. They also treat symptoms of facial joint and jaw pain attributed to a TMJ or TMD diagnosis.

The new website allows visitors to learn about the various types of disorders that prevent them from getting the sleep their bodies need and adversely affect their health. An informative page of frequently asked questions offers information about TMJ treatment in addition to treatments for sleep apnea and how oral appliances can be used in combination with other treatment options, such as a continuous positive airway pressure and bi-level positive airway pressure.

The FDA-approved sleep apnea oral appliance appliances are custom fitted to each patient. They rest comfortably in the mouth to cause a forward movement of the lower jaw as the patient sleeps. This repositioning of the lower jaw opens the individual’s airway to allow unobstructed breathing. The result is similar to that achieved with CPAP and BiPAP devices that use a flow of air to open a patient’s airway. This is important for patients who cannot, for whatever reason, take advantage of CPAP and BiPAP treatments.

The OSMA website explains how the use of a CPAP or BiPAP improves one’s life and how the sleep machine works. Once fitted with the appliance, some patients report being able to decrease pressure from their CPAP or BiPAP devices without it impairing their sleep.

The Oral Sleep Medicine of Arizona offices will work either directly with a provider who would like to refer patients or individually with a self referring patient. They have forms and resources available for both patients and providers that will make the authorization process run smoothly. They work with most insurance plans and suggest contacting them directly if a contracted insurance isn’t listed, they will apply for GAP insurance.

OSMA works with patients in the greater Phoenix region from its offices located in Apache Junction and Mesa, but residents in other parts of Arizona can visit the website at or call 480-503-0967 to learn how they might also benefit from the services offered.

About Oral Sleep Medicine of Arizona

Oral Sleep Medicine of Arizona offers treatment options for people struggling with obstructive sleep apnea, snoring and daytime drowsiness. Their offices located in Apache Junction and Mesa feature a full-range of services, including obstructive sleep apnea treatment. OSMA works with self-referred patients in addition to patients referred by other health care providers.